Quality financial advice that you can trust is the cornerstone of Haysman Financial Services.

  • Are you unsure how to start building wealth for your future?
  • Do you struggle to find time to sort out your superannuation?
  • Are you worried that you won’t have enough money to retire?
  • Does it concern about the financial effect on your family should you fall ill or get injured?
  • Are you unsure where your assets will go if you die?

If you answered yes to one or more of these questions, then why not seek advice from someone who has the expertise and dedication to help solve whichever issue you may have.

Following a thorough Advice Process

Financial planning is the process of developing, implementing and managing strategies to achieve your personal and financial goals.

We follow a simple 7 step advice process to deliver clear and simple solutions to your financial situation.  This follows the 7 steps recommended by the Financial Planning Association of Australia (FPA).  These are:

Step 1

Meet with you for an obligation free consultation.

Step 2

Collect all the information we need from you.

Step 3

Help you identify your goals and current financial position.

Step 4

Consider strategies and issues, then develop and present you with written recommendations.

Step 5

Discuss these recommendations with you.

Step 6

Implement the agreed recommendations.

Step 7

Review your objectives, financial situation and needs in conjunction with our service packages.

Ongoing Service

Receiving financial advice is only the first step towards financial independence.  The key to the success of the advice we give you is through ongoing support and guidance. 

At the end of our advice process, we will extend an offer to meet with you personally on a regular basis to formally review your situation and the continued appropriateness of the advice given. 

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Our Financial Planning Hub Calculators & Forms

Caution: These calculators are provided by the Financial Planning Hub and are not provided, approved or endorsed by AMP Financial Planning. Using these calculators may provide a useful starting point. However, they are guides only and do not constitute expert, licensed financial advice. Calculators should not be used as the basis for any financial or investment decision. You can build a full understanding of your financial position by working with a qualified financial planner to develop a plan based on your personal situation. Contact us for advice tailored to your goals and needs.

You can access a range of fund managers through products approved by AMP Financial Planning:

Amp Capital BlackRock BT Investment Management Challenger Colonial First State Fedility Maquarie Perenial Investment Partners Perpetual Schroders UBS Vangaurd Investments Aberdeen Arnhem Investment Management