The Earlier you Start, the easier Retirement will be.

For the majority of Australians, superannuation will be the foundation of their retirement savings.  The superannuation environment has changed regularly over the years and the rules can be complex with future changes inevitable. 

Having a trusted partner help you through these changes is important to ensure you are taking full advantage of every opportunity.  Every decision you don’t make now can have a huge impact on your future retirement savings.   

Haysman Financial Services is happy to help you in the following ways:

  • Help track down any lost super you have.
  • Consolidate your superannuation together to save on fees.
  • Help you understand the benefits and drawbacks of Insurance under superannuation.
  • Show you the benefits of salary sacrifice into your superannuation.
  • Help you maximise your superannuation for retirement.
  • Help determine whether Self Managed Super is suitable to your circumstances

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Our Financial Planning Hub Calculators & Forms

Caution: These calculators are provided by the Financial Planning Hub and are not provided, approved or endorsed by AMP Financial Planning. Using these calculators may provide a useful starting point. However, they are guides only and do not constitute expert, licensed financial advice. Calculators should not be used as the basis for any financial or investment decision. You can build a full understanding of your financial position by working with a qualified financial planner to develop a plan based on your personal situation. Contact us for advice tailored to your goals and needs.

You can access a range of fund managers through products approved by AMP Financial Planning:

Amp Capital BlackRock BT Investment Management Challenger Colonial First State Fedility Maquarie Perenial Investment Partners Perpetual Schroders UBS Vangaurd Investments Aberdeen Arnhem Investment Management